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E-Mail Policy & Limits

Gradient Hosting Sending Policies

Our outgoing e-mail service (SMTP) policies play an important role in ensuring Gradient Hosting remains a trusted and reliable e-mail provider.

Simultaneous Recipients

Outgoing e-mails are limited to a maximum of 256 recipients per e-mail, however we do not recommend sending a single mail with more than 50 recipients, since receiving mail servers may choose to blacklist your address as spam.

Message Size

The maximum size of one outgoing e-mail message is 256 MB, however as with recipients, we do not recommend sending a single mail larger than 30 MB, as receiving mail servers or mail clients may block it.


You are not permitted to send outgoing e-mail that violates the CAN-SPAM Act. For more information on how Gradient Hosting handles incoming spam, take a look at our Anti-Spam Guide.

We are constantly changing and improving our services, therefore these policies and limits are subject to change at any time.